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Summer 2012 Courses

May 28, 2012

This post is to announce course sessions that my colleague Andrew J. Campbell and I will be co-facilitating this summer.

The Art of  Spontaneity

Andrew will be spending the month of June in the Bay Area and we are offering three learning journeys on the theme: The Art of Spontaneity.

We have chosen the Mission District in San Francisco near Dolores Park and Lake Merritt in Oakland as locations for our informal gatherings, which will take place outside in the neighborhoods.   Please see the brochure for more background on the learning journeys.  The cost of the course is $40 per person and does not include lunch.  There are plenty of restaurants and sandwich places in both locations for us to get our lunch.

Each session will include a maximum of 10 participants.  We will meet at 9:30 AM and will end at 5:30 PM.  Please register to the session of your choice and see logistics information for each session in Eventbrite :

Mission District (Dolores Park): Friday June 15  —  Friday June 22

Lake Merritt: Saturday, June 16

For more information, please contact me:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Leadership for Emergence Retreat in South of France (Aug 10-12)

“The only real way to develop strategy is to use a process where one goes to ‘primary knowing,’ tapping into source and then listening deeply, moment to moment as the path unfolds—walking the path as it is created.”

Joseph Jaworski, in conversation with Andrew Campbell, 2008.

The above quote says it all.  Our ultimate goal for this retreat is to give your the tools you need to develop your capacity for intuition, imaginative foresight and creativity so that you are able to tap into your inner knowing and creative source and thus, capable of addressing any complex strategic questions and issues that come your way, both in your personal and professional lives.
The course structure is designed to create en environment that facilitates spontaneous insights and authentic learning—learning that integrates explicit knowledge (knowledge in the mind), tacit knowledge (experience) and transcendental knowledge (wisdom).   Those who master this capacity can better navigate today’s complex realities while engaging others in co-creating sustainable strategies for the future.
2012 Leadership for Emergence Brochure and Registration

Enjoy the summer!
Beatrice and Andrew
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