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About this site

This website explores business, organizational, and theoretical topics, including: living systems and the related theories of complexity, chaos and evolutionary biology, organizational change, adaptive leadership, sustainability, strategy, and innovation. While this is a broad and somewhat ambitious set of topics, the goal in exploring them is very straightforward: to provide individuals, groups, and organizations a better understanding of how they can transform themselves, adapt to change, and bring more consciousness into all endeavors.

Questions that are addressed include:

  • How does the conceptualization of organizations as “living systems” (as opposed to efficient machines) change our approaches toward organizational management, strategy, innovation, and achieving long-term sustainability?
  • How does the understanding of living systems’ adaptive capacity inform change management initiatives?
  • How does an organization identify its adaptive challenges and how does it go about to facilitating the transformative process required to overcome those challenges?
  • How do an organization’s structure, processes, technical capabilities, and environment influence the organization’s adaptive capacity and what can the organization do to influence these organizational elements?
  • How do we create resilient organizations and communities?
  • What is the role of adaptive leadership in facilitating change? What skills do adaptive leaders required?
  • What is the role of creativity in the transformative process?
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