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Favorites – Achieve your purpose in your personal life and at work and learn about the W4G principles of awareness, embodiment, connection, collaboration, and integration in Jeff Klein’s W4G website and newly released book. – Lots of free articles and podcasts on Living Systems, Living Organizations and more. – The Writings of Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist, futurist, and consultant. – Petter Russell website explores  the topics of consciousness, spiritual awakening, and earth and the environment.

Society of Organizational Leaning – SOL’s purpose is to discover (research), integrate (capacity development) and implement (practice) theories and practices of organizational learning for the interdependent development of people and their institutions and communities. – the Chaordic organization was created by Dee Hock founder of Visa International.  The Chaordic Commons’ purpose is “to develop, disseminate and implement new concepts or organization that result in more equitable sharing of power and wealth, improved health, and greater compatibility  with the human spirit and biosphere.”  See also: – Website of the Sustainability Institute, created by the late Donella Meadows. The Institute applies systems thinking, system dynamics modeling, and organizational learning to economic, environmental and social challenges.  Home of Meadow’s writings.  In particular, see Dancing With Systems

Cambridge Leadership Associates – a consulting firm created by Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linksy to help organizations develop their adaptive leadership skills.

The Systems Thinker – A newsletter about Systems Thinking offered by Pegasus Communications, Inc. – Linda booth Sweeney’s website is a great resource to learn about System Thinking.

Community of Practice Resources – Papers and best practices on implementing CoPs.

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